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Cookie stamp Embossers are the perfect way to take your cookies to the next level. These stamps are designed to leave a raised effect on the fondant, rather than an imprint.

Our fondant Embossers are laser etched and made from 4.5mm thick acrylic and are 8cm in diameter with each central design varying in size.

To ensure the design is able to be seen on your cookie, you will need to apply very firm pressure when using, and press evenly over the entire stamp. We use a spray release agent like “Sprink” on the stamp to ensure that the design doesn’t stick once it has been pressed. Cornflour can also be used if preferred.

Simply roll out your fondant the desired thickness, spray or dust the Embosser and press down firmly all over. It is best to use fresh fondant without any hardeners like Tylose as it will be easier to force the fondant into the design. Once you’re happy, use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape required.

Embossed pieces can also be decorated with dusts, paints. sprinkles, sugar pearls, nonpareils, sanding sugar and so on.

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