Kellys Cake Toppers is a small but mighty business that specializes in cake decorating tools that make your job easier as well as a huge range of cake toppers. Since starting with handmade fondant toppers back in 2009 before moving into laser cut toppers a few years later, we have covered just about every occasion and then some. From birthdays and name days, confirmations and graduations, engagements and weddings and even divorce parties, there’s no end to the possibilities. If you’re after something romantic, special, celebratory or naughty you best make a cuppa and get comfy and we’ll hang out!

Most frequent question - Customer

I need it for this weekend, will I get it in time?

In most cases yes. Unless its Thursday afternoon and you live in Alice Springs, there’s every chance you’ll get it in time. We Express Post all cake toppers at no extra charge, so It is nice and quick.

Do you send a proof?

Unless you request one, we do not. All design and editing are done my me and I will always construct your topper in the most suitable way, making sure it is strong yet all the while retaining its fabulousness.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order is complete, you will be sent a tracking number so you can follow it and make sure it didn’t stop over in Vegas. It will usually arrive when your postie brings your mail and online shopping packages, if he is a good postie, he’ll know to hide those.

How do I clean my topper?

Carefully!! They are a little fragile so give them a gentle wipe over with a damp cloth and store them flat. Bamboo doesn’t like getting too damp so don’t dunk it in a sink full of dish water, just a wipe over is fine. Mirror acrylic can scratch easily, so no scrubbing brushes and printed toppers are happy with a light wipe over also.

How do I put the topper on my cake?

If you have a dense cake it is a good idea to make a hole with a skewer first then insert the topper, otherwise you can hold the topper by the spike and carefully push it into the cake. Make sure its nice and straight so it doesn’t look like you’ve had a cheeky wine or two before the guests arrive. At least wait until you’ve placed the topper then, go for it!

Do you make custom toppers?

We make more custom toppers than anything else. If you have something in mind like an “in joke” that only the family or closest friends know about or, a nickname or pet name that you refer to them as then we can make it up for you. Just send an email and we will see what we can come up with.

What size will the topper be?

There is an option to choose either a 6” or 8” cake size. If you’re having a 10” cake, select the 8” cake size as it will still suit. If I made it any bigger, it’ll look like a billboard on your cake and the whole “less is more” theory goes right out the window. If you’re having a smaller cake than 6”, make a note in the comments and I’ll make it to suit.

I saw one of your toppers on social media but cannot find it on your website, how can I order?

That’s OK, we probably posted a pic of a client’s gorgeous cake with a custom topper and it’s perfect for your equally (if not a little more gorgeous) cake and you just will not have anything else. It must be exactly the same only with a different name and maybe change the colour otherwise, it’s perfect! No problem send us a pic of the one you saw and we’ll make it happen.

My topper arrived damaged, what can I do?

Our toppers are packed to within an inch of their lives to ensure they don’t move in transit. We make every effort to keep those babies safe and secure but, it’s not impossible and sometimes these things happen. Send me a photo of the damaged item and I will be in touch to discuss what we can do.

OMG I totally love my topper, I’m going to post it all over my socials, can I tag you?

Heck yes!! Tag away. We love to see pics of your cakes with our toppers and would love you guys to share the love.

If you still have questions that haven’t been covered here, send me an email from the contact page and we’ll chat there.

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